Colors program uses Touch Screen and Animation technology to provide IEP

Shanesh Colors Program is an innovative way to deliver extended evidence-based therapy like Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). This intervention program is specially designed for special needs education and children with learning disabilities or individuals with autism or autism spectrum disorder. Our well tested technology extend the same ABA based therapy from the classroom or therapy centers to the homes for the children with learning disabilities, Autism or any other special needs.

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New Tracking Technology for Autistic Kids

Autistic Girl
The new program for the help of autistic kids has been launched on Tuesday by the Nova Scotia government. The President of the Board of the Autism Society of Canada, Michael Lewis said that a GPS-based tracking technology for searching people who are unresponsive to verbal calls and other signals will be used by the Project Lifesaver, which will help saving people.

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Young Man’s Creative Robots Draw Awareness to Autism

If you know 23-year-old John Ryan Lee, then you know about his robots. He’ll spend hours in a day, perfectly content, tinkering away at old electrical parts.
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Robot Brings Hope to Kids with Learning Difficulties

It has just nine moving joints — a number that might underwhelm robotics buffs. But Cosmo’s potential to help children has caught the attention of Minnesota’s globally-acclaimed Mayo Clinic.

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High-tech clues to facial cues

A new device helps people with Asperger’s or autism interpret expressions of emotion

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MIT Course on Autism and Technology

MIT Course on Autism and Technology
MIT has recently published course materials from its Fall 2007 course on Autism and Technology. The course aims to lay a foundation in autism theory and autism technology that significantly leverages and expands the MIT Media Lab’s ability to pioneer new technology. The course is available at no cost.

Robot Playmates May Help Children With Autism


From ScienceDaily,
“Papers delivered at three conferences in the US and Europe this summer report on new research at the University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering studying interactions of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) with bubble-blowing robots.”

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‘Portable Hug’ Vest, Designed To Improve Quality of Life For Autistic Patients

Accepting the prize
Therapeutic Systems, a concept business thought up by U of Mass at Amherst doctoral student Brian Mullen, won the $50,000 grand prize at the May 8 Technology Innovation Challenge (TIC).

Therapeutic Systems plans to market a novel “deep-pressure vest,” developed in the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department, that improves mental healthcare and the quality of life for people with mental illness, especially autism, by providing a “portable hug.” An estimated 3 million to 4 million patients suffer from developmental disorders such as autism.

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Research tool can detect autism at 9 months of age

Early Autism Study

The ability to detect autism in children as young as nine months of age is on the horizon, according to researchers at McMaster University.

The Early Autism Study, led by Mel Rutherford, associate professor of psychology in the Faculty of Science, has been using eye tracker technology that measures eye direction while the babies look at faces, eyes, and bouncing balls on a computer screen.

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Virtual Reality Aids Autistic Children

Recent research conducted at the University of Haifa found that children with autism improved their road safety skills after practicing with a unique virtual reality system. “Children with autism rarely have opportunities to experience or to learn to cope with day-to-day situations. Using virtual simulations such as the one used in this research enables them to acquire skills that will make it possible for them to become independent,” said Profs. Josman and Weiss, from the Department of Occupational Therapy at the University of Haifa.
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